We revealed the cover of our next book, Come Again, last week! The gorgeous Stuart Reardon makes the perfect Shaw O’Sullivan.

We can’t wait for y’all to read Shaw and Avery’s story.

Side note: Avery is our first character from Oklahoma, which is kinda crazy because 1/2 of Jiffy Kate lives in Oklahoma and the other 1/2 used to live in Oklahoma. We’ve had characters from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, but never Oklahoma, until now. We think you’re gonna love her. She’s young but wise. The day she walks into Shaw O’Sullivan’s bar with her faded pink hair and tenacity, there’s a shift in his universe.

Read the full blurb and add it to your Goodreads TBR by clicking <HERE>

Release day is November 30th, our 3 year publishing anniversary! WOOHOO!!

Seriously… 3. YEARS? WHA?

Thank y’all so much for putting up with us for that long and continuing to read our books. We love you more than our luggage.

Much love,

Jiffy Kate




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